Occupational Health + Medicine

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We specialize in occupational medicine, which means we are efficient and understand the needs of today’s employers. Maintaining a healthy workforce is key to maintaining a healthy business. Please review the following health services provided at our clinic.

$95 DOT/CDL Physicals

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Corporate Health/Employer Services:

  • Pre-employment/Post-offer exams
  • Respirator Clearance/Fit exams
  • Return to work exams
  • EKGs
  • Blood and urine testing
  • TB skin testing

Immigration Exams

Dr. Ranzenberger is a USCIS designated civil surgeon and may perform immigration exams to help you complete your Form I-693. We recommend you schedule your exam several weeks prior to your appointment with USCIS because the lab work can take up to 5 business days to be reported. Depending on the lab results, other tests may be indicated and that can take time to complete as well. The Form I-693 can be signed by the civil surgeon when all lab work is done. Once the Form I-693 has been signed by the civil surgeon, it is valid for 60 days. If your completed form is not submitted to USCIS with in the 60 days, it will no longer be valid. If your Form I-693 expires, you will need to pay the fee to complete the exam process again.

What to Bring:

  • Valid government ID such as a passport or driver license
  • Medical records, including vaccine documentation (if available)
  • Form I-693
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FAA Medical Exams

Dr. Ranzenberger is an FAA Aeromedical Examiner and can perform Second Class and Third Class FAA exams. Prior to your appointment, you must complete your medical application on the FAA MedXPress website.

What to Bring:

  • Valid ID
  • FAA MedXPress confirmation number (the exam cannot be performed without it)
  • If you use corrective lenses, your uncorrected and corrected vision will be tested. We recommend you bring glasses instead of contacts.